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NEXT RIDE: MAY 7th, 2010 7pm

I want to give a special thank you to CriticalMassPanic for meeting up with us Staten Island folk for a wonderful cross borough connection, as well as BikeblogNYC for reaching out to us.  Great people that you must keep up with in the future. Come on out to Staten Island and let’s show you guys around our beloved home.  Anyhoo…

After all the great response we’ve had for our last ride, Bike Staten Island is keeping with the momentum for Bike Month Staten Island. Make sure you you tell your friends and especially encourage other people to come out with your night lights, bells, and to make sure Staten Islanders know what a friendly experience having more bicyclists on the streets can be.

Meet at the steps of Borough Hall at 7pm across the street from the ferry.

For more info where to meet up check out: