Staten Island cyclists know hills, can other NYC cyclists do it?

Click here for Joe vs the Volcano bicycling route – #mce_temp_url#

Hills are the bane of SI riders’ existence.  The flip side is that if you grew up riding these hills, you know that Staten Island riders have a decent amount of endurance due to the rocky terrain we deal with on a daily basis.  After seeing an Alleycat Competition route on Ride with GPS, I decided to create a route that is a true representation of our toughest abilities here in Staten.  I believe i rode over Ocean Terrace as a teenager, but haven’t done it since.  I created this route for the hardcore off-islander cyclist that wanted a little taste of Staten, so the route actually passes some beautiful jewels.

Richmond Terrace – Snug Harbor

Clove Rd – Staten Island Zoo and Clove Lakes

Manor Rd – Camp Pouch

Lighthouse Hill – The Lighthouse and the Tibetan Museum (Around the corner is the Frank Lloyd Wright house)

Bay St – Tappen Park

By the by, this site is awesome for drafting up Staten Island routes due to our rocky terrain, and can give other NY riders a sense of what its like to ride here.

Click here for Joe Vs the Volcano bicycling route #mce_temp_url#

Although hills are a part of SI riding and is a good metaphor of the cycling status quo, I can’t help but think of how much fun the downhills are.


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