Next Ride: April 2nd, 2010

Check out the ride meet up location on

Bring your night lights, helmets, and free expression.




  1. Hey Staten Island! Awesome that you guys are riding Massive every 1st Friday, keep it up! A new ride of similar “structure” is occurring in Manhattan on the same night, and we should definitely find a way to combine our rides into one big one!

    Got a route next week? How many bikes can we fit on a ferry on Friday evening?

    • We will have a route later this week. Should I email

      The ferry bike racks can hold 8 in the front and 8 in the back. But there is more space within the vessel and also on close to the gates in the front and back of the boats. So if there is overflow, you can stand with your bike in those areas.

      • Pete Said:

        alot depends on the boat too…the older kennedys can hold alot more, but the new boats can’t hold as many, keep in mind if you guys come to SI, prepare to be inspected in both directions, it’s just another hoop us SI cyclists have to deal with 😦


      • Yes, please drop me a line at I can only imagine that the ferry is pretty crowded during rush hour, so 20+ bikes on board may be an inconvenience. to some. What does Pete mean by “inspected”?

        Maybe we can communicate via twitter, or text message. Do you think SI mass will ever want to come into Manhattan?

        If it doesn’t happen this week, be assured we will make it massive in one of the coming months!

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