Awesome cheap used bikes on Staten Island

I was in the market for a road bike, and was thinking about saving up for a new fandango thingy.  I scoured the intranets and looked at Trek’s new commuter bikes and salivated.  I looked at Bianchi’s for a second, and then looked at an affordable Wellington when finally my girlfriend ask me “Why don’t you get a used bike?”

Because of the fact that she knows how impulsively I buy things and get caught up in pretty shiny things, I answered “ugh….. oooohhhhh… yeah…. fine.” There were too many reasons why I should buy a used bike that in those few seconds I realized that maybe she was right.  We tend to share the idea of “Why build more when you can utilize what already exists?”  Sometimes this fact makes my inner impulse buying side grumble, but its true.  Especially in Staten Island.  Just look at the housing.  There are so many developers tearing down beautiful historic homes and putting up cheap row houses everywhere.  If they bought up old houses, and spent money fixing em up instead of putting crappy row houses that look crappy, then the Island would look much more quaint in more areas.


So I started looking around on Craigslist on the suggestion of a few people and found all these ads for bikes from a guy (BY THE FERRY)

A remember a friend of mine mentioning a person selling these bikes and getting a great deal on a vintage bike.  Why not.  I texted him and we met up.  He showed me his collection of vintage cruisers and road bikes, and saw a beautiful yellow Columbia.  I mentioned that I blog about bikes, and said not to mention his number.  Understandable.  He was great and awesome.

I’ve also been told that the (NEW DORP MAN) is also a great place to find some great commuter bikes for cheap.  I haven’t met him yet, but am looking forward to see him in the future.  Evidently he has access to alot of abandoned bikes, so I’d check him out as well.

So I’m off to ride my vintage road bike. You should definitely just check out whats around if you are in the market.  If you are not racing or just need a bike to get around, why not get used.



Transportation Alternatives is kicking off Bike Month with a great biking event by the East River in Brooklyn.

There’s gonna by bikes, and bike films, and bike repair, and bike dogs… i dunno but it should be awesome.  Check out more info on this event at

Staten Island cyclists know hills, can other NYC cyclists do it?

Click here for Joe vs the Volcano bicycling route – #mce_temp_url#

Hills are the bane of SI riders’ existence.  The flip side is that if you grew up riding these hills, you know that Staten Island riders have a decent amount of endurance due to the rocky terrain we deal with on a daily basis.  After seeing an Alleycat Competition route on Ride with GPS, I decided to create a route that is a true representation of our toughest abilities here in Staten.  I believe i rode over Ocean Terrace as a teenager, but haven’t done it since.  I created this route for the hardcore off-islander cyclist that wanted a little taste of Staten, so the route actually passes some beautiful jewels.

Richmond Terrace – Snug Harbor

Clove Rd – Staten Island Zoo and Clove Lakes

Manor Rd – Camp Pouch

Lighthouse Hill – The Lighthouse and the Tibetan Museum (Around the corner is the Frank Lloyd Wright house)

Bay St – Tappen Park

By the by, this site is awesome for drafting up Staten Island routes due to our rocky terrain, and can give other NY riders a sense of what its like to ride here.

Click here for Joe Vs the Volcano bicycling route #mce_temp_url#

Although hills are a part of SI riding and is a good metaphor of the cycling status quo, I can’t help but think of how much fun the downhills are.

NEXT RIDE: MAY 7th, 2010 7pm

I want to give a special thank you to CriticalMassPanic for meeting up with us Staten Island folk for a wonderful cross borough connection, as well as BikeblogNYC for reaching out to us.  Great people that you must keep up with in the future. Come on out to Staten Island and let’s show you guys around our beloved home.  Anyhoo…

After all the great response we’ve had for our last ride, Bike Staten Island is keeping with the momentum for Bike Month Staten Island. Make sure you you tell your friends and especially encourage other people to come out with your night lights, bells, and to make sure Staten Islanders know what a friendly experience having more bicyclists on the streets can be.

Meet at the steps of Borough Hall at 7pm across the street from the ferry.

For more info where to meet up check out:

Next Ride: April 2nd, 2010

Check out the ride meet up location on

Bring your night lights, helmets, and free expression.